Exams, Evaluations, And  Grades

The faculty giving the courses sets the dates for the mid-term, paper, seminar or any other evaluation tests conducted through the semester and announce them to the students.  The schedules for final exams and final-make up exams are determined by the concerned board of directors and announced two weeks in advance of the beginning of these exams. Exams are to be in written form; however, as long as the faculty giving the course clarifies it in the course information form, the exam can be in oral form, or as paper or project. Exams are prepared and administered by the faculty giving the course. If the faculty is not available then the head of the department decides who gives the exam. There are no make up exams except for final and final-make up exam. The faculty announces in the course information form the success evaluation criteria about the course in the first week of the semester. Except fort he grade (EX), the grade letter for a course is determined based on the assesment of students’ studies throughout the semester; such as quizzes, mid-terms, field studies, practice, homework, project, seminar, attendance, laboratory, internship; as well as final exams or final-make up exam. The final grade is calculated based on the grades students have received from these measures, as explained in the evaluation criteria. However, the final exam and the final-make up exams cannot have a share lower than 40% and 60%, respectively, in the final grade.

For each course, one of the following letter grades is given by the faculty offering the course:

Letter Grade         Weighted Coefficient                                        Equivalent Points out of 100

AA                          4.00                                                                       90-100
BA                          3.50                                                                       85-89
BB                          3.00                                                                       80-84
CB                          2.50                                                                       75-79
CC                         2.00                                                                       70-74
DC                       1.50                                                                          65-69
DD                       1.00                                                                          60-64
FD                        0.50                                                                           50-59
FF                        0.00                                                                           0-49