Sira No 
1Define the basic concepts and terms of psychology.
2Gain insight of basic concepts, theories, different approaches and perspectives of psychology.
3Analyze the scientific groundings of psychology as a discipline and how the behavioral and cognitive processes are considered within a historical perspective and know how they are analyzed and also have an awareness of the nature of the psychology discipline.
4Gain knowledge about history of psychology; gain an awareness of the development of the methods of psychology, the theoretical discrepancies of psychology disciplines, know relevant fields of psychology, links the topics of psychology with the other scientific fields.
5Gain knowledge of significant emphasis of core theoretical approaches and perspectives (behavioral, biological, cognitive, revolutionary, humanistic, psychodynamic and sociocultural), compare them and define the similarities, differences, contributions and limitations.
6Compare the assumptions, methods and basic variables between psychology and other fields.
7Describe the contributions of psychological and approaches to other disciplines, interdisciplinary views and approaches.
8Have an awareness and sensitivity of the developments, research, issues and application in the field of psychology in Turkey.
9Meet different applied fields that will be the basis of post-graduate education, have basic application skills that are relevant with the graduate education.
10Have an awareness of basic principles of psychological evaluation; gain an awareness about the limits and contributions of the evaluation process. Gain knowledge of frequently used psychological measures.
11Have basic interview skills when applying different psychology practices.
12Gain insight into how the differences between age, gender, race, ethnical group, national identity, religion, sexual orientation, disability and socioeconomic status will not be a cause of prejudice when practicing psychology.